MFA Query

Hi All,

New here to Fauna so I’m just learning. I’m looking at using Fauna with Blazor WASM.

I have been reading up on the Auth stuff in Fauna. I know there is the Login which is email, password for a secret. I was wondering if there is any MFA flow for Client Apps or do you need to go external to Fauna?


As well as an Identify() and Create(Tokens(), { instance: … }) to have more control and either validate passwords and/or create tokens with an ‘identity’ manually.

Nothing built-in, you would need to use an external MFA provider for the MFA specific parts but could work closely with Fauna to store secrets, final login (e.g. by creating a token once the MFA is validated) and authorization.

I have been thinking of adding an example to the authentication examples I’m going to provide.

Ok that is what I thought. So the best path for me is the use of an external Identity Provider and hook that in the Fauna which seems easy enough.

Examples are always very helpful especially real world ones.

Do you know of any examples of usage of Fauna with Blazor WASM?

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