Missing documents


I’ve got an Index to get all documents. Now there should be 66 documents, but I only receive 64 when make a query with this index. The last two documents added are missing. When I login to faunadb, click on indexes and see what the index should return I can see all 66 documents. But query them by API I only get 64. I’ve got no error or something while query this index. Also, If I add another document I still get only 64.

This is my query:
client.query(q.Map(q.Paginate(q.Match(q.Index("all_orders"))), q.Lambda("X", q.Get(q.Var("X")))))

Any Idea?

Hi @FuSa1337 and welcome! :wave:

The default Page size is 64 (Max is 100000). You will need to specify the size to be larger, or to send a second request that includes the after cursor.

Aaaah thats why… Thanks!

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