Must-know resources for beginners

I’ve started working with FaunaDB a week ago. I’ve compiled a relatively small list of the things I “bookmarked” to quickly find them again.

Don’t hesitate to add your own set of resources that have helped you!

I’m working on GitHub - Vadorequest/poc-nextjs-reaflow: (POC) Realtime Workflow Editor, using Next.js, Reaflow and FaunaDB and my experiments are available there.

Understanding FaunaDB


Authentication/authorization OSS project examples

RWA (real-world apps)


  1. Instant GraphQL Backend with Fine-grained Security Using FaunaDB | CSS-Tricks
  2. GitHub - ptpaterson/faunadb-graphql-schema-loader: A package for making GraphQL schemas easy to work with using FaunaDB.
  3. GitHub - Plazide/fauna-gql-upload: A simple CLI for uploading a GraphQL schema, resolver functions, and more to a FaunaDB database.
  4. with-graphql-faunadb-cookie-auth/uploadSchema.js at master · fillipvt/with-graphql-faunadb-cookie-auth · GitHub


  1. Modernizing from PostgreSQL to Serverless with Fauna Part 3
  2. GitHub - shiftx/faunadb-fql-lib
  3. Overview | Fauna Documentation
  4. faunadb-auth-skeleton-frontend/fql.js at default · fauna-brecht/faunadb-auth-skeleton-frontend · GitHub
  5. GitHub - n400/awesome-faunadb: Curated list of FaunaDB resources
  6. react-faunadb-hook.mkd · GitHub React hook
  7. FaunaDB Relations: GraphQL schemas, mutations and resulting documents · GitHub GraphQL relation query examples
  8. FaunaDB Query builder + test · GitHub Query builder





Once I resolve all my priviledge problems, I think I’ll write a post on how they work that is more helpful to the beginner, and I’ll post it here. That is a big resitance area for me.

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Great post Ambroise! The docs are a great start, but seeing comprehensive examples that pull multiple concepts together is essential to understanding how to implement a production-ready app.

This list does a great job of aggregating this concepts; have you thought about putting this list on GitHub so that it gets even broader exposure? This seems to be a good pattern to drive adoption and search result visibility.

Here’s an example of someone doing the same thing for Vue.js (not my work, btw): GitHub - vuejs/awesome-vue: 🎉 A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js

I kinda listed them all in the Inspiration section of the Real-World App I’ve been working on:

Or actually, not all of them, only the most relevant.

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