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Hello to everyone,

My admiration grows as I use Faunadb and FQL. I worked all night and did some of the work I wanted to do very well.

With features that have never been in a database before, Faunadb looks really brilliant. Especially the fact that FQL is cleverly designed allows us to write great queries.

In summary, I want to write what I do and why I am so excited in the codes below.

I am developing a mobile application for end users. As a small feature, there is the option to create a shopping list. Users can also add products while creating lists.
Normally, I took care of a job that would be handled in at least 3 queries in one query.

  • I create the shopping list and take its reference.
  • Then I convert all the entered products with the Do query to Create query.
  • In the last query, I combine Let with all of them and call the created list.

In this way, I easily manage to register collectively.

Under normal circumstances, if the rest api was available, I would have to do multiple queries and transaction integrity would be compromised.

I have written these descriptions for those doing research for the Fauna. Absolutely start using it without wasting time :slight_smile:

Let’s talk about the request.
Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.
Flutter usage is increasing day by day and I think it will become the first platform in the near future.

Flutter:Blue ReactNative: Red

Flutter is based on Dart language. Dart is a OOP language and it is really powerful. I wrote the Server part of this application with Dart.

There is an open source package that allows me to use Faunadb with Dart. However, this package does not get enough support, I am trying to implement my own needs.

If a driver for Dart is developed, I think it will increase the usage of Faunadb a lot. Because firebase is alternative and I think it’s a lot better than it. It is great to be able to access the database directly with http requests without the need for complicated settings.

I don’t know if there are enough resources, but Fauna’s Dart driver should definitely be. It would be a huge loss if a database designed to be accessed directly from applications cannot be used with Flutter, the most popular platform at the moment.

I’d like to know what you think about it, Thank you.

I’m wondering, I have developed with Dart but only limited. Wouldn’t Dart interop make this relatively easy to do? Are users in the meantime able to use Dart with the JS library or is it just impossible? I was planning to try it on a side project but ran into performance issues with a Dart library I used so abandoned my side project :slight_smile:

I am using this package and I am very satisfied.
I think there is no need to use JS.
I’ve seen a method for this, but I think it’s not a very good option.


Ohh, I didn’t realize the package was a complete driver. This looks awesomely well done and deserves a lot of love! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Yes. We’d all love for it to become an official driver, so that Dart is included :slight_smile: !

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Just installed the faunadb_http package in flutter.

As an avid Flutter and Dart user, please do this. This would be amazing. I’m pretty much using Fauna with most of the apps I build in Flutter. Dart has quickly become my favorite language and having a Fauna driver in Dart would mean I would have 99% of my codebase in Dart across all my projects.