Problem when editing a collection item with numbers from the dashboard

I have noticed that when I edit a collection item that has float attributes and I save them as 0, it will save but it will crash whenever I try to fetch by Graphql since the expected type is float but it is saved as int

So I end up having to save it as 0.01 to avoid it to change the type

please fix it because I’ve had several emergencies in production when innocently making a quick update to an item

Does ToDouble(0) work? Honestly don’t know.

@vasco3 As @ptpaterson mentioned, ToDouble should address this issue. Can you please test it?

That can work but that is not ideal since in that UI I don’t see which types are the numbers. So it’s easy to break things.
Every time I would edit an item I would have to wrap every 0 in ToDouble. And I would have to check the schema to know which attribute to wrap. It’s a small annoyance.