Querying actual collection

import client from "../../utils/fauna.js";
import { fql } from "fauna";
export default defineEventHandler(async (event) => {
  const collectionName = "customers";
  const collectionExists = (name) => fql`Collection.byName(${name}) != null`;

  // define a new query that uses the prior sub-query
  const upsertCollectionQuery = fql`
  if (${collectionExists(collectionName)}) {
    "Collection exists!"
  } else {
    Collection.create({ name: ${collectionName} })
    "Collection exists now!"

  // execute the query
  const customers = await client.customers.all();
  return customers;

This just tells me the collection exists
Trying to get my doccuments from 'customers collection but I cannot figure it out.
Docs are all over the place

Hi @R0N1n-dev It looks like you are using a custom client object here. Can you share what FQL you are running?

Hi @R0N1n-dev we haven’t heard back yet. Do you still need assistance with your query?

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