Real Time CRUD operations

Hi people!! Me again… need some help from… recently I try to change from GraphQL to FQL functions to reduce the amount of code and DRY in my front-end app, but I have found a small problem in my interface, the functions of delete, create and update do not run the indexes directly, there is some future out of the box for this case, or I have to update the indexes manually

Hi @adinjesuha,

Sorry, I don’t get your point, may you articulate a bit what you are trying to achieve?


Does this page in the docs help?

The GraphQL API does, indeed, automatically create the required indexes based on your GraphQL schema and its definitions. When you use FQL, you have to create the appropriate index definitions yourself.

You can do most of the index creation work by defining the appropriate GraphQL schema, and importing it; that creates collections and indexes, and then you can use FQL to create and manage documents involving those indexes.

Note that the definition of an index cannot be modified once the index has been created. If you need to adjust the terms and/or values fields in an index, the index should be deleted and then recreated with the new definitions. The GraphQL API takes care of this for you.

Thanks for your help, find a way to make my app change dynamically the UI instantly using useSWR hooks with SQL operations.