Recovering Database after accidently overwriting the schema

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in this article it is written that you keep several copies of the database : Fauna | How Fauna Saves JAMstack Developers from Data Loss

When I overwrite a graphql schema, it delete my whole database. How do I recover the data from another copy?

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Jan Miofsky

@Jay-Fauna, is there a way we can help recovering this that you know of?

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@janmiofsky @databrecht Unfortunately, no. Override mode deletes everything.

@Jay-Fauna Thanks for the information.

To which cases does this paragraph relate?

  • Accidentally Deleted Collection or Database

The accidental dropping of database or collection is another one of the many actions developers like to safeguard against. While the same methodology of modifying the events of the database or collection could be applied to instantaneously recover a database or collection, the developer currently does not have access to internal schema events. Fauna is currently planning to release a simple way to modify these events to allow the undeleting of databases and collections. In this way a developer will be able to correct the accidental dropping in seconds instead of hours or days.*

Is there a way to take snapshots or some other measures to safeguard against loosing all data once I go into to production?