Removing New Fauna Version Text

Is there any way to disable the following message when using Fauna from the command line?

Hi @Teodor_Crnobrnja - I don’t believe there is in version 4.1.1.

Is it possible for you to update to the current version, v4.5.2? This version suppresses that output by default as well as adding several additional features.

We have no plans to update as of yet. It may be hacky but in the meantime I will redirect text output to temporary file like below.

stdout = sys.stdout
sys.stdout = open("stdout.txt", "w", encoding="utf-8")
sys.stdout = stdout

Version 4.1.1 (and other 4.1.x releases) of the JavaScript driver had a bug that made it hold an HTTP/2 connection open until a multi-minute timeout was reached, rather than closing at the end of regular execution.

A lot of fixes have been made since the 4.1.1 driver: