Schemas for FQL

I think I saw mentioned in the Slack that there was an effort going on to implement some sort of document schemas for FQL.

Is this correct? Are there any news on this?

Are you thinking of Biota?

Biota slack channel

@gahabeen is breaking it into separate packages. Schema package is in development.

Hmmm it’s possible, although I was thinking more of an official feature rather than a third party framework.

I also saw mentioned that an SQL driver/layer thing was being worked on (I think Evan mentioned something about this in a recent podcast). Maybe I just associated SQL with schemas… :slight_smile:

There are ideas that were discussed around schemas and/or a unified shared schema between GraphQL and FQL so maybe you heard someone drop something because of that. Whether these ideas will be implemented or not, how and when is not determined yet.


(Ups, been away.

I’ll shed some more light on Biota in the upcoming weeks. The Schema feature is a standalone feature which can be 100% hosted in User-Defined Functions. It’s still early stage.

For now feel free to reach out if you’re interested.)