Serverless Architecture suggestions for using FaunaDB with Mobile


I’m pretty interested in FaunaDB, and think it looks like a fantastic solution for the social media app that I’m working on. However, I’m struggling a little bit to figure out an appropriate setup to connect FaunaDB to my iOS and android applications.

Currently we’re on Firestore, which has Swift and Kotlin SDK support for easy client-side connection, but is extremely limited on its capacity for complex queries.

I know there are a few more steps in the process if we switch to Fauna, but I’d like to ask first here if it’s possible? If so how?

My inkling is something along the lines of using AWS/GCP (or an equivalent service) to set up lambda functions (for HTTP calls to the DB) and websockets (for DB streaming). Would appreciate if anyone who has done this already could give tips on how to go about doing that (from setting up the backend, to connecting from the mobile), and if it’s financially feasible.

Thanks !

Hi Shaquile,

This blog post from our head developer advocate, Rob Sutter, might answer some of your questions. In it, Rob walks through the steps of building a serverless API using AWS SAM and Fauna.