Temporality Questions

Hi guys, i am in the process of learning FaunaDB at the moment. One unique feature of FaunaDB that i think is impressive, is temporality. Reading the doc left me with more question:

  1. Is it possible to use temporality to restore one collection into certain time in the past? Can someone show me FQL for this case? Can we use it like point-in-time recovery?

  2. What if we modify document history using Insert or Remove on certain ts, do we still get same result when we retrieve that document again using At?

  3. Might be a feature request. It would be very nice if at the web dashboard, we can inspect Collection or per Document data based on certain time.

Thank you.

@nascode Welcome to Fauna Forums!!

I am assuming you had a chance to through this link. With Events you can back up (Paginate) and Restore ( using Insert) Documents in a Collection to a certain point of time.

Insert and Remove are not reflected with At. Described in Important section here.

Noted. Will make a product ticket for this.


Thanks for your answer Jay, much appreciate!

I am still trying completely restore a Collection to previous time using temporality by FQL. I think it will make backup (using data manager) less important to do.