Unauthorized FaunaDB with valid secret key in Python

Hi, I am having problem connecting to fauna db in python. It’s returning the error below

from faunadb import query as q
from faunadb.objects import Ref
from faunadb.client import FaunaClient
from dotenv import load_dotenv
import os


client = FaunaClient(secret=os.getenv("FAUNA_SECRET"),endpoint="https://db.us.fauna.com/")
client.query(q.create_collection({"name": "memes"})) 

        "name": "id_index", 
        "source": q.collection("memes"),
        "terms": [{"field": ["data", "id"]}] 

This is the error below

I will like to know what the problem is.

Hello @adejumoridwan and welcome! :wave:

The error indicates that your DNS server is unable to resolve the IP address for Fauna. To resolve the issue you can

  • Try to use a different DNS server. You clearly have an internet connection since you asked this question :slight_smile: but it is possible that your current DNS server is experiencing issues. You can try switching to a different DNS server such as Google DNS ( or Cloudflare DNS (
  • Wait for a while and try again. DNS issues can sometimes be temporary.
  • Check if there are any network restrictions or firewalls that could be blocking Fauna.

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