Using connect/disconnect or other means with FQL regarding many-to-many relations

Given the many-to-many relation example given in the docs with User and Car in a many-to-many relationship, how does one associate an existing user to an existing car using FQL? Can Connect be used? Does the related index have to be updated directly (e.g. user_cars_by_user, user_cars_by_user_and_car, user_cars_by_car)? Can someone give an example of associating an existing User to an existing Car using FQL for the schema below? Thanks for any help!

type User {
  name: String!
  drives: [Car!] @relation

type Car {
  plate: String!
  drivers: [User!] @relation

@ThoughtPoet I don’t see a reason why Connect cannot be used to associate an existing User to an existing Car. Are you still looking for an example? If so, I could probably write one.

Hi Jay,

An example would be wonderful! I have tried using connect, but though that seems to work, the index, car_drivers, never gets updated. It seems like an anti-pattern to create a bunch of mapping collections manually, though had I simply done that, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to figure out how to do this… In my real data model, I’d have to manually create and maintain 10s of such mapping collections.