Would like to know how to run multiple where with Orwhere conditions for queries in version10?

The way I have figured out for now to run where with OrWhere queries is running multiple queries.

lets say I want to find users who are active (status = 1) or who have joined but not active yet(status = 2) (assume there could be multiple possible values for status based on conditions)

let activeusers = users.all().where(.status == 1).toArray() //get active users
let newjoinees = users.all().where(.status == 2).toArray() //get new joinees

let allusers = activeusers.concat(newjoinees); //all active users or new joinees
let distinctusers = allusers.distinct() //get only distinct users if there are duplicates.

So I would like to know how to do the same operation in single query like in SQL.

let allusers = users.all().where(.status == 1).Orwhere(.status == 2).toArray()

Also I could not find anything that can work like whereIn() as in SQL. any examples please.


Sets have a concat method. See our documentation here:

let activeusers = users.all().where(.status == 1) //get active users
let newjoinees = users.all().where(.status == 2) //get new joinees