Access admin web interface on local docker container?

I am trying to set up a local dev environment, so I can work faster, but it was easier said than done! When I connect to the admin site it just downloads a file (Safari) or does not respond. It looks as if it is running at least.

The Fauna Dev Docker image does not currently contain a Dashboard, or any other web UI.

If you follow the steps described here: Fauna Dev | Fauna Documentation
you should be able to execute FQL queries on port 8443:

const faunadb = require('faunadb')
const q = faunadb.query

var client = new faunadb.Client({
  secret: "secret",
  domain: "localhost",
  port:   8443,
  scheme: "http"

.then((ret) => {console.log(ret)})
.catch((err) => console.error('Error: %s', err))

If you also connect port 8084, then you can use the GraphQL endpoints:

  • import a GraphQL schema at: http://localhost:8084/import
  • run GraphQL queries at: http://localhost:8084/graphql

Thanks for the input, I am using fauna shell now att it works perfect!

Maybe you have to first create the endpoints before trying to access the http://localhost:8084/import.

Deep into FQL now and trying to get related data from refs from collections…