Local Docker dev container accessible by Fauna shell but not JS driver


I’ve got a simple API with development, staging and production environments, the latter 2 of which point to fauna cloud and are running fine.

I’d like to get a local dev environment set up, but I’m having some trouble connecting the JS client in my Node container to the Fauna container. I’m pretty sure I have all the correct ports exposed etc, cos fauna-shell connects to localhost without issue.

I’m also passing what I’m pretty sure is the correct config object to the client instance, including the secret generated for the ‘development’ local DB

console.log -ing at the top as a sanity check:

(Any secrets in screenshots are local dev ones and destroyed already)

Anyone with ideas please help me out.


Hi Jacob,

Can you share the Docker command you’re using to start the container? Also, just to confirm, when you run the Fauna shell you’re running from the same host this log came from, right? Not running it in a shell in the container?