ARM docker image

Please release a native ARM docker image of fauna so developers with ARM-based computers can dev against fauna locally, without needing a network connection to the service (and using up quota).

Currently, local development against fauna is unusable on ARM-based dev machines. I have a Mac with Apple Silicon and the only way to run fauna currently is using the x64 docker image and running with the “–platform linux/amd64” flag.

When I tried using the amd64 emulation flag, I had to restart the container many times before it finally launched successfully, and eventually it has more errors and needed to be restarted (see screenshot). I think maybe rosetta has some bugs around emulating amd64 docker images or an issue with emulating JVM, not sure. Either way it’s not actually that usable.

If ARM dev machines keep growing in popularity (which is where Apple is heading and hopefully PC makers as well), then please consider making a native ARM docker image for fauna. Not only would it be more reliable to dev against but also better perf and battery life to dev against

Thank you for the feature request! This is not an item on our roadmap yet, but we might reconsider if we get enough community requests.

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Hello, I also use MacBook with M1 ARM chip and I’m unable to run Fauna in docker on my machine.

A lot of tools/languages got updated versions that are compatible with M1 on Rosetta 2 emulation. Newer version of JVM should be compatible.

Would it be possible to at least release updated Fauna image for amd64 architecture that will properly run on M1 macs using Rosetta 2?

More MacBooks Pro with ARM chips are expected this year, so there will be more users dealing with this issue.

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Adding my +1 here for this feature.
Would also like to continue development/testing without using up the quota.