Attempting to add some JSON data - Unexpected token ':'

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I believe my understanding of how to upload data is wrong…

I’m attempting to add the following JSON data as a new document manually:
{ "MetaData" : { "1StartTimeUTC" : "Sun Oct 18 21:41:38 2020\n", "2EndTimeUTC" : "Sun Oct 18 21:45:38 2020\n", "3StartTimeLocal" : "Sun Oct 18 16:41:38 2020\n", "4EndTimeLocal" : "Sun Oct 18 16:45:38 2020\n" }, "AggregateData" : { "EVRCounter" : 3, "EVRSystemLatencyTotal" : 70, "EVRsystemLatencyAverage" : 23.333333333333332, "SysLatTestCount" : 159, "SystemLatencyTotal" : 11871, "systemLatencyAverage" : 74.660377358490564 } }

…but I get the Unexpected token ':' error. Does Fauna not accept JSON data, is my JSON data incorrectly formatted, or have I missed something else entirely?

Thank you for any assistance.

If it’s any help, here’s a picture of the issue:

Hi @Skewjo,

to be honest, it works for me:


Hmm… Wonder what I’m doing wrong here.

This took me way too long to figure out, but I finally got it.

I was copying in the data from a windows machine. Once I changed the line-endings to Unix style it worked.

I’ll only run into this issue once for my sample data upload, as the other files I’ll be uploading will already be converted. Very frustrating though.