Can I use fauna in elixir?

I have 2 questions

  1. Is there any oficial elixir compatibility library for fauna?
  2. I’m trying to implement some endpoints at phoenix framework and most on vue (with Typescript). For that my application uses social login (fb and google). Reading fauna documentations and community discussions I’ve seen that with fauna you can query just in the frontend without passing the backend, so I’m struggling to understand how to verify permissions for that, because my users get a JWT after succesful social login, and with that permissions they query via backend, but if only need to work with frontend to fauna, how can I make sure user can’t modify (via any hack) their frontend permissions and query more information they are not allowed (any solution without using UDF or any that trigger TCOs)

Please help :frowning:

  1. No. Currently, Fauna has supported drivers for C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Scala.

    If you want to see an Elixir driver, post a Feature Request and ask others to upvote your request. If we see sufficient demand, we might consider developing an Elixir driver.

    Otherwise, the alternative would be to investigate how one of our supported drivers operates, and develop your own work-alike driver in Elixir.

  2. JWTs are signed (and optionally encrypted) by the issuer, and receivers of the JWT use the issuer’s public key to verify the JWT signature (plus decode if necessary) the claims. If you trust public key cryptography, you know that your users cannot tamper with the JWT and still be authorized.

One important point about JWTs: For Fauna to accept a JWT, you have to configure an AccessProvider, and configure your Identify Provider to craft JWTs with the Fauna audience claim that points to your database. For more details, see: Overview (plan) | Fauna Documentation

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