"Cannot read reference." error when trying to modify role permissions in dashboard

I have an error with updating my Roles in the dashboard. I’ve successfully updated this Role in the past from the dashboard, but suddenly cannot, with the error “Cannot read reference.” This error occurs with both attempting to add new permissions, as well as when removing existing permissions. Any guidance on what could be going wrong here?

I found this thread from October describing the same issue, with the response that a fix is in progress.

@ehighberg, are you still seeing this issue, and did you create any new schema object? If the issue exists, can you please try clearing the Local Storage in the browser? In the Chrome browser, More ToolsDeveloper ToolsApplicationStorageLocal Storage

@Jay-Fauna I have not uploaded any schemas. Clearing local storage did not help, and others on my team (using different browsers) have the same issue.

@ehighberg, I will DM you for account details.

I just noticed that when i press save, there is a POST request that does not complete. firefox_LryneF02fy

@ehighberg figured out that they were referring to a deleted collection and thus cannot read reference error.

Being tracked internally as FE-327