Permissions Bug on mutation update without proper permissions

steps to reproduce:

  1. create collection
  2. create key without any access to that collection
  3. execute mutation graphql update

permissions exception / error

actual response:

When you don’t have permission to read a document, it appears to GraphQL as if you are requesting to update a document that doesn’t exist. This is not a bug, but rather what we expect from validating your query before trying to mutate something.

Here is me duplicating the behavior by trying to update a Document in the demo database with an empty Role. In the demo database, I know that Ref(Collection("products"), "201") exists. The result is updateProduct: null

If I switch back to an admin role, and change the ID to one that I know doesn’t exist, I get the same result: updateProduct: null

Adding read permission to empty Role

Adding read permissions to the Role, the query finds that the Document does exist. Since it exists, the queries tries to apply the update, and then you get a “permission denied” error.

How GraphQL is translated to FQL

For the example that I shared, the updateProduct mutation is translated into FQL similar to this:

    ref: Ref(Collection("products"), "201"),
    updated: If(
      Exists(Var("ref")),            // `Exists` returns false if you don't have READ permissions
      Update(Var("ref"), /* ... */)  // Update only if the document exists.  Will cause an error if you don't have WRITE permissions.
      null                           // returns `null` if doc does not exist to caller
    updateProduct: If(
        /* selected fields */

If we call Exists from the shell, we can test how it works with different permissions. Exists returns the true only if it exists and you have permission to read the Document.

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sounds good, the explanation makes sense, thank you for the prompt and detailed response!

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