Update document with GraphQL returns null

Hi, as from the title, I’m trying to update a document using GraphQL. The id I’m passing does exist, but when I run the query in GraphQL Playground, I receive null and the document is not updated

# SCHEMAdirective @embedded on OBJECTdirective @collection(name: String!) on - Pastebin.com This is a pastebin link for my schema and my update query. Sorry if this is not detailed enough but I’m quite a beginner and I’m a bit lost! What am I missing?

Hi @EnricoSaggiorato , welcome!

The selection for results of the query is { up }.

up is not a valid field for Ticket

try this?

mutation($row1: [String!]!, $row2: [String!]!, 
  $row3: [String!]!, $id: ID!) {
  updateTicket(id: $id,
  data: {
    row1: $row1,
    row2: $row2,
    row3: $row3
  }) {