Dashboard / Shell cloud-login Problem

Hi there, when I created my Fauna account a couple of months ago, I used GitHub as a 3rd-party identity provider.

Logging into the dashboard and seeing my databases etc works just fine.

The problem is when I try to perform a cloud-login from the CLI, I get the message:

For login with 3rd-party identity providers like Github or Netlify, please acquire a key from Dashboard > Security and enter it below instead.

I assume this means the user security setting in the browser based dashboard (NOT the DB security keys as I assume to do a fauna list-databases you’d need some global access )

However this is what I get:

So this is a bit of a circular argument no key = no access

What am I missing?


PS: I even thought of deleting my account and starting again, but even thats problematic as the dashboard deosn’t allow it and I’m not sure what other problems would occur if I revoked the fauna Oauth App in GitHub.

@LaughingBubba It looks like we have a gap in the ability to create a root scope key when authenticated through Github or Netlify. I have created a ticket to address this.

@Jay-Fauna AH! Thats a relief, I thought I’d missed something stunningly obvious.

Any guess as to a time line?


I was also trying to use the shell with my 3rd party-linked account and ran into something similar. One thing I noticed is that the online documentation says:

If you signed up for Fauna using your GitHub or Netlify credentials, follow these steps, then continue with Start using your database.

This roughly shows you how to create a new database and to add a key to it. This is different than the message shown in the shell, like what @LaughingBubba posted. Turns out that that message will be fixed to match the docs.

The one surprising behavior (for a completely new user like me) when going down that route is that using this key makes you go “down” a level in the database hierarchy so if you follow the doc and try to connect to your database in the shell it will tell you that it doesn’t exist, since it’s looking up a child database of the one you created a key for.

So if you don’t need to use multiple databases under the root level this is probably enough and you won’t have to wait for a fix. Docs could be improved and it feels like the shell could show you which database you’re using when connected.

@LaughingBubba, I do not have a timeline yet. Do you mind sharing more details on how this issue impacts your application? It helps us to prioritize.

Many of FaunaDB’s tutorials reference the CLI tool for one.

This limits my to adopt FaunaDB and be generally productive (and anyone else with the same problem)

It’s also a little incongruous that Fauna offers 3rd party logins and hasn’t come a cross this problem yet.

PS: Maybe it’ll be quicker if I have my account deleted and I re-register with just my email?

@LaughingBubba Thanks for sharing additional information, and I totally agree with you. Please use email and password to use Fauna Shell and root scope as a temporary workaround. Most of the users with third-party login could be creating a database in the dashboard and from there on use its scope instead of root scope for all operations. Nonetheless, I have already ticketed this issue.


i have encountered this problem also,

i created an account thru netlify, now am trying to use the fauna CLI and cant,
hows this coming along

edit: i found a work-around
you can follow these instructions to change your password, which then works in the CLI