Does AuthGuardian plays well with Fauna?

I just learned about and I’m wondering if it would be an in easy implementation to make it work in tandem with Fauna’s permission model.

First of all, thanks, I didn’t know them yet :slight_smile:

The future is bright:

It soon should be as they produce JWTs and we are working on features to accept JWTs from external parties and those features should not be too far away anymore. You’ll have to be patient though :slight_smile: since it’s not there yet and I’m not sure when it will be.


that depends on whether you can easily sync your FaunaDB users with your AuthGuardian user. For example, in Auth0 you can easily write a hook (which runs as a serverless function on Auth0’s side every time a new user is created) to sync Auth0 users with FaunaDB users. The auth0 token (which you have to verify that it’s not tampered with of course) could then contain an indicator that specifies the FaunaDB user and you could switch that for a FaunaDB token in your backend to have full-access to ABAC.

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