EntityFrameworkCore provider

I think that having an EFCore DB provider would make .NET developers watch out more of what Faunadb has to offer, I personally use EFCore as my defacto ORM with a combination of a GraphQL Server like Chillicream.com, Azure has a great service for RDB as for NoSQL DB’s, but what I like of Fauna is the power of having a NoSQL DB with the option to make relations a breeze, thank you guys, but I would really appreciate the usage of an ORM like EFCore with Fauna DB behind it.

Thanks for your effort, you are doing it well, have a great product, in JS I don’t have any problem, but I use JS for just Front-end, creating an API for me is a must, because I’m looking for writing between multiple sources like but not microservices, and got a single source of truth.