Terraform provider

Like the title suggests, this is a request for a Terraform provider.


Terraform provides a unified way to write declarative configuration files, collaborate and share configurations, evolve and version you infrastructure, automate provisioning, and define infrastructure as code to manage the full life-cycle – create new resources, manage existing ones, and destroy those no longer needed.

Use case

Terraform is cloud-agnostic and allows a single configuration to be used to manage multiple providers, and even handle cross-cloud/cross-provider dependencies. This simplifies management and orchestration, helping operators to build complex multi-cloud/multi-provider infrastructures.

An example of this could be

  1. storing FaunaDB credentials some sort of vault supported by terraform-provider-a
  2. fetching those credentials to bootstrap terraform-provider-fauna
  3. set up a FaunaDB database
  4. configure an Auth0 access provider for the above database
  5. set up an api, with terraform-provider-auth0, using relevant output from step 4.
  6. etc.

Could not agree more. In addition / alternative to that create a serverless components - component as well.