Error on faunadb driver for js, incompatible with webpack 5.67?

Just recently create a react app using creat-react-app, and install faunadb and zustand

but everytime i tried to import faunadb the error coming up like this :slight_smile: ERROR in ./node_modules/abort-controller/polyfill.mjs 2:0-46

Module not found : Error : Can’t resolve ‘./dist/abort-controller’ in '/Users/marendra/workspace/sweetchat/node_modules/abort-controller’

Did you mean ‘abort-controller.mjs’?

any body can help?

Thanks for reporting, @Arif_Marendra.

I’ve reproduced with:

  • Node.js v16.13.1
  • create-react-app:5.0.0
  • faunadb:4.4.1

zustand doesn’t seem to be necessary to reproduce.

Related to CRA issue #11769 - Bug: [5.0] Can’t resolve ‘react/jsx-runtime’.

I have not been able to get a workaround yet, but I have tried:

  • Use patch-package
  • Eject and hard-code the dependency into webpack.config.js
  • Downgrading to CRA 4 (it refuses to create new apps)

JavaScript modules aren’t a strength for me; you may have better luck with one of these approaches than I did while we look into this.

Hi @Arif_Marendra,

I wanted to follow up and let you know that we’ve opened an internal ticket for this issue. Once our engineers have been able to assess the impact we’ll be able to respond with an update. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


Hi @Arif_Marendra,

This has been fixed in the latest version of the JS driver, available now in the usual places.