Fauna dashboard stats correct?

Hello, I am just starting out with Fauna and testing it in my application. So far I only connected my login / logout functions to Fauna. For log in it’s only using an ‘users_by_email’ index and logout is calling the Logout query. I noticed on the first day of testing it said I consumed 2K read ops and .2 Compute Ops. I thought that seemed awfully high and no way I sent that many requests. So today, I logged into my app then immediately logged out and left it go. It is showing for today with that one login/logout it consumed 0.2K Read Ops. 200 Read ops for just one login/logout?

Hi @kaputstyle, welcome!

Navigating the dashboard requires querying your account for the resources it displays, so please be aware that any activity in the dashboard will cost Read operations. Creating new Databases, Collections, Indexes, Functions, etc. in the Dashboard costs write operations, and every request costs at least one Compute Op. Please check out this helpdesk article for some further details.

Also, note that the statistics shown on the dashboard are not updated in real-time. They are calculated in a background task, so it may take some time for operations to show up. What you are seeing as unexpected operations could also be earlier operations finally being aggregated and displayed on the dashboard.

Our documentation on Billing has details about how Read/Write/Compute Ops are calculated.

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