Function does work in Shell but not in NodeJS

I’ve created an function (shown below), when I call it (in the Shell) like so, it works perfectly fine, no errors at all.

Function Code:

    ["id", "prop"],
      Exists(Match(Index(""), Var("id"))),
      Select(Var("prop"), Get(Match(Index(""), Var("id")))),
        Create(Collection("guilds"), {
          data: { guild: Var("id"), prefix: "$", disabled: [], commands: [] }

But when I call it in an TypeScript file (as shown below) it gives the following error (raw response)

responseRaw: '{"errors":[{"position":["from","from"],"code":"call error","description":"Calling the function resulted in an error.","cause":[{"position":["from","from","lambda"],"code":"invalid argument","description":"Lambda expects an array with 2 elements. Array contains 1."}]}]}',

The code I use to call the function:

            Call(Function('guild'), ['748063801856753766', 'ref'])

(For reference, I call the function in the exact same way I do in Node as in the Shell.)

Nevermind I got the solution.

Hi @comic-dev
may I ask you to write a solution, if someone else happens to have the same problem for a future reference, or if there is a defect we can address it?

I was just misusing the function call in another file, the function code was all good.