Fwitter demo unauthorized

I downloaded GitHub - fauna-labs/fwitter: Fwitter is an example application that demonstrates the features and functionality of Fauna.. Set the REACT_APP_LOCAL___ADMIN to the admin key of my DB in .env.local which I renamed from .env.local.example :

npm run setup

> fwitter@0.1.0 setup
> node -r esm ./scripts/setup.js local

1.  -- Collections and Indexes -- Creating collections
   [ Failed  ] 'accounts collection', with error: [Unauthorized: unauthorized] {
  description: 'Unauthorized',
  requestResult: RequestResult {
    method: 'POST',
    path: '',
    query: null,
    requestRaw: '{"if":{"exists":{"collection":"accounts"}},"then":true,"else":{"create_collection":{"object":{"name":"accounts"}}}}',
    requestContent: Expr { raw: [Object] },
    responseRaw: '{"errors":[{"code":"unauthorized","description":"Unauthorized"}]}',
    responseContent: { errors: [Array] },
    statusCode: 401,
    responseHeaders: [Object: null prototype] {
      ':status': 401,
      'www-authenticate': 'Basic realm="Unauthorized"',
      'x-txn-time': '1654778094801210',
      'x-faunadb-build': '220606.221709-701b8fc',
      'content-length': '65',
      'content-type': 'application/json;charset=utf-8',
      [Symbol(nodejs.http2.sensitiveHeaders)]: []
    startTime: 1654778094732,
    endTime: 1654778094830

Any ideas?

Hi hunp!

Is your database in the Classic region group? If not, you need to specific the appropriate domain when setting up the Fauna client object.

This is a common oversight, and is easy to fix (assuming the region group is the problem). We are working towards a solution where the default domain works for any region group, but it is not close enough to completion for an ETA.

indeed. I was in US. Thx

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