High read operations

I have a very high number of read operation, but I don’t feel that I query the DB that much. Usually, (according to the dashboard), I tend to have 2000 read operations per day (which I found is a lot, but it’s acceptable).

But suddenly, for no specific reason, I have a huge spike of 30K read operations. I would like to understand where those requests come from, since the way I deal with the DB isn’t really related to the number of user I have

Hi @arguiot,

I need more information to investigate the case, would you contact me in private?


Greetings Luigi,

I am also seeing this in my account as well. Can you assist?

Best regards,

I’ve written to him in private, but he doesn’t seem to have seen my messages…

To be honest with you I’m kinda disappointed by the distance that fauna takes with its clients… Good support is the most important thing for a service company. I really hope things will change!

Are you seeing the uptick reflected in your invoice?

Hi @arguiot,

Thanks for your patience! I’m working on your case. I’ll come back to you as soon as possible.