Unreliable read/write ops stats


I know this topic has been up before, but something still seems to be very off.

I’m developing an app that is about to go live. So far I’m the only user so I have strict control over usage. I have noticed that read ops sometimes increase drastically, even though I’m sure there has been no requests made, and I haven’t touched the dashboard/console. Today it jumped from ~55 000 to ~78 000 read operations during the day.

Even stranger is that write ops for the past seven days is 1. Yes ONE. The real number should probably be a couple of thousands. And read ops should be much lower to make sense to me.

This makes me feel highly uncomfortable since it’s very hard to predict the numbers, which affects how much I will pay. What if I onboard thousands of users? I have no idea what that invoice would look like.

Please get this sorted out. I have invested so much time in Fauna and I love it, but the ops count needs to be reliable for me to trust it and keep using it.

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Hi Patrik,

Thanks for raising this with us. We’re investigating this on our end, I’ll update here once we know more.


Hi cory,

Thanks for getting back to me. Let me know if you need any more details - account, database etc.


Any news on this? It just occurred again, with more than a million read ops and below a thousand write ops for the last 7 days. I barely have any traffic, so it just doesn’t make sense.

Hi @patrik,

Thanks for pinging me on this. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Also, which database(s) are you seeing the operations on?


Hi Cory,

Sorry, I missed your last reply. Things have behaving quite normal since then until this morning. Now it says 1,5 million reads and 28 write ops today. Which can’t be correct. I still barely have any traffic.

So unless i have some kind of insane infinite loop, something is acting up. Can you please examine the logs for this and try to figure out what is going on. Please see attached screenshot, and I’ll DM you my account details.