How to convert from a IResult type back to the List<Product> type (C#)

Hi I am using FQL and fallowing the Driver guide ( C# driver | Fauna Documentation)
But there the query is to get only one document.
How Can I convert a list of documents.
Here is my query (All I get is a list of Countries with Name null)

   var result = client.Query(Map(
            Lambda(country => Get(country))
   var countries = Decoder.Decode<List<Country>>(result.At("data"));

My Country class looks like

public class Country
    public string Name { get; set; }

    public Country(string name)
        Name = name;

I finally found the way to do it. I am not sure if is the right way but is the only way I found.
Hope this can help some in the future with the same issue. This forum looks like is not monitored at all like they says on the official website

We monitor the forums very closely and respond promptly. On here Fauna Database Community | Fauna

Well here it goes
The line
var countries = Decoder.Decode<List<Country>>(result.At("data"));

Returns an Array of ObjectV then you will need to iterate over this array and for each of this objects decode again to your local class definition. What I did was create an extension method to make it easer. This provably can be made generic and do it one time only.

This is the extension method

public static List<Country> ToType(this ObjectV[] objs)
	var countries = new List<Country>();
	foreach (var obj in objs)
		var country = Decoder.Decode<Country>(obj.At("data"));
		country.Id = obj.At("ref").To<RefV>().Value.Id;
	return countries;

Then the previous line of code where I decode looks like this

var countries = Decoder.Decode<ObjectV>(result.At(“data”)).ToType();

Hope this help you