How to find document by id in the dashboard

In the new dashboard, how can I find document by id in a certain collection? This was possible in the old dashboard, but I cannot figure out how to do it in the new dashboad.

The v4 dashboard provides a search bar in the collection view, is that what you are talking about?

Using that search bar in the v4 dashboard, you have to enter in an entire id exactly. But if you have the entire ID, you can read or edit it directly in the shell. In the v10 dashboard, the shell is intentionally more front-and-center.

You can also click on the documents in the bottom panel to open up an Edit Document tab for the document

Are you looking for a way to open an Edit Document tab for a doc by typing in the ID?

Yes, in v4 dashboard I used to enter the whole id in the search bar. Then pressing search gives me the document where I can just edit something and hit save. For me that’s much more convenient way to do quick edits than write the queries in the shell.

And yes, in the new dashboard I’d like to be able to open Edit Document tab by typing in the document id.

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Okay, thanks for the feedback! I’m going to move this topic to Feature Requests and raise with our Product team.

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