Import com.faunadb.client.FaunaClient

i want to save some data in faunaDB with kotlin, actually i create an account and get secret code,
i add some dependencies like: (implementation(“com.faunadb:faunadb-java:6.1.0”))
but the android studio not recognize this import:( import com.faunadb.client.FaunaClient)
what can i do?

Hi @friz and welcome!

faunadb-java driver is not compatible with the latest API

First, I want to be sure to highlight, if you are just getting started, we strongly recommend you get started with the latest API, FQL v10.

Fauna is decomissioning FQL v4 on June 30, 2025. See the v4 end of life (EOL) announcement and related FAQ.

New JVM driver

We are actively working on a new JVM driver for use with FQL v10. I will check into how one might use that with Kotlin.

Using the HTTP API without drivers

To get started using Fauna FQL v10 with Kotlin right now, you can use the plain HTTP API.