Index creation super slow

Hi there

I’ve noticed that indexes are taking a long time to build. I just created a bunch of them and it’s been almost and hour and counting. Our dataset isn’t that large ( one of the largest collections has about 160k records ) which I wouldn’t have thought was large in the grand scheme of things.

Is there a way we can speed this up or optimisations we can make so that it doesn’t take so long? It does make for a very long deployment process and I’m worried that as our dataset continues to grow, these indexes are going to become larger and larger.


Hi @sandersweb,

Index creation times are dependent on a number of factors: number of documents in the collection being indexed (regardless of whether they’re part of the index); the amount of history kept for the documents (an index has to track all of the history for its associated documents, in order to make full use of temporality); the number of terms and values in the index; and any index bindings being used. As such, it can be difficult to predict how long a given index will take to create.

Please let us know if this answers your question.