SLOW to create new index, FAST to create new collection & copy data over

I’m new to Fauna, and am finding that creating new indexes on large collections can be excruciatingly slow. As an example, creating a new index on a collection with 5000 documents takes over 20 minutes. However, adding new documents to a collection that already has indexes created is fast. So as a workaround, I created a new collection with indexes and copied all 5000 documents from collection 1 to collection 2, and that took about 20 seconds. Is this the correct way to add a new index to a collection?

TLDR; 5000 documents, create new index: 20 MINUTES, Create new index on empty collection, copy 5000 documents to new collection: 20 SECONDS.

To copy from collection 1 to collection 2 I’m using this:

        Paginate(Documents(Collection("collection1")), { size: 9999999 }),
        Lambda(x => Select("data", Get(x)))
      Lambda(y => Create(Collection("collection2"), { data: y }))

How would I copy an entire collection but still keep the same IDs, timestamps, and full temporal (history) data for the collection?

You can use Events to replay the Collection.

So for each document in my Lambda function I could iterate over the Events for that document and call Insert for each one? Makes sense, I think.