Index with terms covers some records only

Hi Fauna team!
I’ve recently created an index with as a term. Unfortunately, it throws “instance not found” error for some records but when I search for them manually in the collection they are there. Those missing results seem to be random. I didn’t notice any record’s creation time as a reason. Any tips?

Hi @defudef !

Can you provide your index definition- Get(Index("index-name")) and an example query that gives you “instance not found”?

Please also provide the email associated with your Fauna account. You can DM me that information.


When you created the index, did the covered collection already have documents in it? If so, did you set active: true when the index was created? If the answer to both questions is “yes”, that could explain what you are seeing.

If you create an index with active: true for a collection that already has documents in it, the existing documents are not included in the index unless they are subsequently modified. To solve the problem, delete the index, wait 60 seconds, and then re-create it without setting active: true.