Inserting/Updating record with Ref(Collection(), "") in FQL v10

I am attempting to insert a record and would like to utilize the Ref(Collection(), “”) feature so that when I query it later, the related record can be returned in full, but I’m struggling to find a way to insert or update the record with the Ref object.

Using: Next.js “fauna” SDK

If I try to set it directly in the JSON object, I receive:
ReferenceError: Ref is not defined

If I try to wrap it in single quotes, it inserts, but is now a string and not an actual Ref object.

I’ve also tried to use a combination of the faunadb SDK and perform a query to get the Ref object and pass it in to the JSON object, but that is inserting a blank object ({}).

Is there a way to do this in FQL v10?

To get a document reference in fqlv10 you use the CollectionName.byId(“id here”) method.

I’ve tried the following:

data.workspace = sys_workspace.byId(“id_number”)
This returns “ReferenceError: sys_workspace is not defined”

data.workspace = fqlsys_workspace.byId("id_number")
This returns workspace: {}

data.workspace = fql([‘sys_workspace.byId(“id_number”)’])
This returns workspace: {}

I’ve also tried executing the fql query on sys_workspace then setting my variable to the response and that sets it to the full object instead of just the Reference element. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Hi @kadence Are you still looking for support on this one?

Note that the fql function returns a representation of your query that is meant to be sent to the database. Printing the query as JSON to the console will return {} because it doesn’t have any public fields.

Perhaps what you are looking for is something more like the following?

const query = fql`sys_workspace.byId(${id_number})`
const workspace_response = await client.query(query)
data.workspace =

You said this is for a Next.js app? Are you trying to fetch a document on page load?

const [data, setData] = useState(null)

useEffect(() => {
  const query = fql`sys_workspace.byId(${id_number})`
  await client.query(query).then(res => {
}, [])

Thank you for the assistance. The problem is really more with Typescript than Fauna, but a valid issue nonetheless.

I ended up setting the value to a string with a placeholder to indicate it requires special handling (e.g. “[ref]tablename.byId(‘id’)[ref]”) then when I convert the JSON to string using stringify, I search and replace the “[ref] and [ref]” values before submitting to the Fauna SDK. Not pretty, but it works.

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