Is there any Fauna DB connector for google data studio?

Hi All,

I am thinking about using google data studio for the internal dashboard reporting. However, I could not find a connector for google data studio to fauna db.

Is there any other tool that I can use to build an internal dashboard reporting with fauna DB?

If you are using google dashboard, which connector should I use?

Any help would be appreciated, Thank you

Hi Nikhith! Welcome to the Fauna Forums!

I’m not aware of a Fauna connector for GDS; Fauna definitely does not provide one. If you’d like to see us produce one, please create a post in the Feature Requests category.

GDS requires a stable document format, which Fauna doesn’t guarantee (documents within a collection can have independent structures/content).

Fauna’s GraphQL API does provide stable document structures since GraphQL operates on a defined schema. However, there don’t appear to be any GraphQL connectors.

GDS does import CSV files, so you could write a client program that fetched all of the documents that you want GDS to operate on, and produce a CSV file that you could then upload to GDS. Your client program would have to do a little bit of work to ensure a consistent record structure for each row in the CSV file.

For an internal Dashboard, you could write the appropriate queries to fetch the documents/data that you need. I imagine that you are asking about GDS because it has decent charting capabilities. Could you elaborate on your requirements?