Netlify Build - TimeoutError: Request aborted due to timeout

Hey I get a timeout error when I build my gatsby site on Netlify which uses a custom fauna source plugin to retrieve data. Everything worked well in prod until yesterday when I started getting timeouts after 10-30seconds.

Not sure if this is a fauna issue or not at this point. I’ve added query timeout and keep alive options to my driver and have async code that has been working well until a day ago. Site builds ok on netlify dev

exports.sourceNodes = async (options) => {

const { secret } = options
const client = new faunadb.Client({
domain: “”,
queryTimeout: 30000,
keepAlive: false,

try {
const listings = await client.query(…)
return …
} catch (err) {
console.error("ERROR IN FAUNA SOURCE ", err)

Hi @Stephanos_T ,

I checked the logs on our side for you account and I don’t see errors or anything obvious that could point to the cause.

When were the query timeout and keep alive option added/modified? Were there any other Fauna related changes that were made recently, coinciding with the errors?

Do the build logs on Netlify show more information on the timeouts?

I found this link which might be useful -

It might be worth posting the question on Netlify community as well.


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Hey thanks for this.

queryTimeout was added a few hours ago - after 9pm UTC+2 last night Monday 6th.

From Netlfy, I’ve checked the above - nothing seems to apply yet but I have raised this on the forum there too.

The Fauna query code has not been changed recently. The only changes just before the timeout appeared:

  • added 3 more documents to db (the collection is still correctly and quickly fetched in Netlify Dev mode but fails in Prod).
  • manually update 2 fields in 2 documents directly from Fauna Dashboard (documents are correctly fetched and all properties exist when building with Netlify Dev)

The build just finished successfully without any timeouts this morning after some noticeable delay. But the next build a few minutes after failed again because of the timeout… And it was again after updating a document field manually from the dashboard. Has been failing ever since.

Problem seems to have been fixed after updating to Gatsby 4 and using Node v 14.15.0 on Netlify - consecutive builds are going through successfully now

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