Slow response between Netlify and Fauna GraphQL

I’m a complete novice to both Fauna and Netlify. I’ve built a first test db with only 2 entries, and a very simple Netlify function to request the data. Both when running locally and when deployed I get on average 2.5s response times to get the data. Another function deployed that calls a public API with much more data has avg 600ms response so that’s what I compare it with.

Do you have any steps I can go through to understand the time thief? Is it faster to skip the graphQL piece?

Oh no. I just found this and it seems I’m having the same issue “being in Europe”. I know I can upgrade Netlify to change region, but I want the service to be equally snappy in the US as in Europe.

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You might have experienced latency due to a momentary glitch in the EU region. Please try again, and you should see better latencies. If not, we could take a look to understand where those latencies are.

In general, GraphQL API has a little higher latency compared to FQL API. We have a roadmap item to address this.

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It’s down to 200ms now! That is more like it! THANK YOU! :ok_hand:

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