Slow response times


I’ve set up a very simple app where I can create and list rooms for bookings.

I have a test demo with 3 rooms in my collections.

Most of it, setup through a GraphQL schema upload.

It works great but I’m worried about response times I’ve been getting with very basic operations.

I have a allRooms query that returns a paginated set of rooms and I’m getting sometimes 4 sec request times. Seems like once it’s hot it gets faster and reached 800ms range but still that’s pretty darn slow.

Is it just what to expect with fauna, or is it because I’m using free tier?

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@Christophe_Verbinnen welcome to the Fauna Forums.

It is not expected to see such high latencies. We have had some issues over the weekend which could have contributed to this. Can you please try again to see if you get same latencies ? Happy to troubleshoot more if you could share email id on the account.

Hello Jay,

Thanks for your reply. It does seems like I’m not getting 4 secs anymore but still sometimes over 1 sec to return 3 items.

email is christophe[at]


I’m in a situation that sounds very similar to Christophe’s. I have some straightforward, paginated graphQL resolvers that use simple indexes. Straight-up FQL based endpoints are not faster. I’m accessing the Fauna graphQL service via a Vercel serverless function that my Vercel-hosted frontend makes calls to. My email is “k at”.

As you can see below, response times average >1s, which is concerning to me as I validate Fauna for my use case.

Thanks for your time.

@Jay-Fauna did you ever get a chance to look into it?

@Christophe_Verbinnen we have identified couple of places where these additional latency is coming from and will be working through the improvements in next couple of months. Till then, ~400ms to ~1s would be a norm on the GraphQL API side. This behaviour is not related to the size of collection.

On the drivers users can specify a timeout but that is yet to come on GraphQL API.

Will this have an impact on FQL too?

@skris GraphQL API internally calls FQL and one of the identified issue is the inconsistency in latencies on the FQL side. We are planning to fix this in next few months.


Thank you @Jay for clearing this!

Are there any updates on this? I am still getting latency of .3s to 1s for simple queries

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I’m also experiencing slow response times, varying between 500ms to 4 seconds per request with the exact same data.

Yeah we had to give up on using Fauna for that exact reason.

Same problem, as I understand, nothing will change :confused:

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@Artemis69 Did you get feedback from Fauna on this?

@Jay-Fauna Jay, could you shed some extra light on this issue? I’m still experiencing latency sometimes longer than a second a simple write. I’m curious if this is something that will improve, or not.