Expected latency for simple queries?


What is the expected/normal latency for simple queries on small collections? Using graphql to do a single-item-lookup by an indexed key (e.g. look up user by email), I’m seeing response times in the ~500ms range from a Cloudflare worker (in Newark NJ). Since the queries seem to lag slightly in the dashboard too it feels like more like it’s on the fauna side than the network.

Still on the free plan if that makes a difference too. Any tips or tricks to speed things up?


There shouldn’t be a difference. You can find the normal latencies here: https://status.fauna.com/
I would expect your queries to be below 200ms. Of course, there might have been a peak atm you were querying. If the problem persist, please do let us know.

Noted, thanks. Just poking around again now and it seems to be higher (some 1s+). Is there a chance I got my db into a funky state overriding new schemas a bunch of times? I can try starting a new db fresh.

Anything else I could try?

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Any updates on this? Thanks

Based on my experience graphql seems to have more latency than fql

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