FaunaDB + Netlify lambda performs poorly

Hey I’ve developed myself a lambda function in netlify which retrieves products from FAUNA DB - For some reason these product GET requests are super slow. Based in Estonia - could it be problem with region?

|getproducts?size=4|200|fetch|ProductsPanel.tsx:25|63.9 kB|1.53 s|
|getproducts?size=4|200|fetch|ProductsPanel.tsx:25|103 kB|1.46 s|
|getproducts?size=4|400|fetch|ProductsPanel.tsx:25|101 B|3.05 s|

Basically they contain of BASE64 small image and some metadata about the product.

      "ref": Ref(Collection("products"), "278661010452120065"),
      "ts": 1602010698653000,
      "data": {
        "name": "iPhone 10",
        "description": "eqweqe",
        "image": "",
        "quantity": "12",
        "createdTs": 1602010698313,
        "longDescription": "eqweq",
        "price": "22"

For example a 0.2mb request took me 3.16seconds.

My fauna allProducts index looks like this - nothing remarkable imo

  name: "all_products",
  unique: false,
  serialized: true,
  source: "products"

Below is the implementation of my netlify function:

Any help appreciated

Nothing in your FQL seems to be wrong.
So my only idea is:
Can you code with JS driver on website and see how Fauna responds when called directly (without Netlify function)?

I just migrated my backend to Strapi.io + Heroku Europe - which works perfecetly with the same data. I’m Pretty sure this has to be related to me being in Europe.