New Dashboard Pricing

The new dashboard is cool and all, but I rather stay with the old one if it’s cheaper :sweat_smile:

Old dashboard

New dashboard

The images above are from the same account. Is this price difference intentional?

Hi @zvictor!

This has nothing to do with new pricing plans. Usage is still accrued in the same way according to our billing docs.

What is different is that the new dashboard corrects an issue where the total usage can be misreported.

I can see from the old-dashboard snapshot:

  • Read Ops - 628k
  • Write Ops - 5.2k

If we just run Read Ops through the pricing calculator, we’ll see that just Read Ops cost more than the total reported on the old-dashboard widget.

  • Read Ops - 628k Ops * $0.46/M-Ops = $0.29

With a modest amount more from Writes Ops, Compute Ops, and Storage, it looks like (at a glance) $0.45 is the more appropriate number.

All that said, if you (or anyone) has serious concern about your invoice or usage reporting, please feel free to open a support ticket at, or email us at