No key found for secret/Try third party auth for free

Been trying to use auth0 as access provider and I get the message “No key found for secret”. Since it looks like all my configuration is correct, I’m guessing that this has to do with the fact that this is a premium feature? Then it is confusing that I can create access providers on the free plan etc and “try third party auth for free”. Then I’m guessing that you can setup access providers on the free plan and then they will be carried over and only work on premium plans?

The error message indicates that you are attempting to execute a query using a secret that is associated with a key that no longer exists. You would get a different error if you were attempting to use a JWT token that was minted by Auth0.

You can, indeed, configure and use Auth0 as an AccessProvider using the free plan. We make that available so that developers can configure an AccessProvider and verify that it works, which helps plan for deployment of an app that might require that feature.

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I am still a bit confused.

  1. The audience I have for my access provider seem to match and be correct:
    From Provider setup:

    In auth0 api:

    Testing the returned access token:

  2. Does it have something to do with the role attached to the access provider? I also added a key to the Bare_User role to see if that was the “key” that was missing/incorrect.

  3. I have been using the accesstoken like so:

I am confused what the “key” is in this context. Any help would be much appreciated.

Basically it seems that it does not work with graphql, but it works with the fauna js sdk client. I tried it on the auth-skeleton-with-auth0 repo.

We have logged a ticket for this problem (CE-51 is the number in case you have communications with customer support or other Fauns about this)

Thank you very much!

I’m running into the same problem here. The minted secret key from auth0 works in fauna-shell but it is not working in GraphQL. “No key found for secret {secret_key}” is the message I received. I’m on a Team plan.

I spoke to the support team and they said third-party secret is not supported in GraphQL yet, but this is top priority on their product roadmap.

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