Question about billing

Is there a way to prepay once I use more than free tier resources? My concern is about my site getting attacked by bots and seeing a suprise credit card statement from fauna to the tune of thousands of dollars. Is this a valid concern?

Use rate limiting on your backend.

Thanks but It’s not clear what “user rate limiting” means, and it’s also not clear what “backend” means in this context. My Fauna backend? Where do I see that?

Hi @P_Guardiario,

We don’t currently offer a plan with rate limits in the service itself. I can’t say whether we might in the future or not, I’m not aware of any plans to do so. I’d be happy to give this feedback to our product management team, though.

I suspect @aprilmintacpineda was referring to the backend of your service that’s connecting to Fauna, and adding rate limiting there. That would also be my suggestion: build a catch into your app that throttles or refuses connections at a certain point.

Please let me know if this solves your question.