Limit for the monthly Cost

There is a way to set a limit for the monthly usage cost?
Like, if it gets to $150 of usage, it stops the service or something?

There is currently no way to specify a limit. However, if you see that the activity on your account is growing larger than expected, you can contact our support team to work out a solution.

We understand that if you are working on a public-facing application that it might become significantly more popular than you expect, and we can work with you to adjust billing in an amenable way.

We did a usage test yesterday, where we had 70 users consuming for 30 minutes.

We had approximately these numbers:

1.3 for read
2.3 for write
2.5 for computing

We are hoping to have a maximum of 100k users for 9 hours.(we will open the page for 9h hs only) can you help me making a more solid usage cost preview?

We don’t have much idea how much this can scale. And we’re afraid it will go over our budget.

Hi @fabriciodorneles, and welcome!

We’d be happy to work with you on price modeling but that’s out of scope for the forums.

Can you please create a support ticket at so we can confirm your contact and account information? From there, we can get you connected with a Solutions Architect to continue work on modeling/estimating costs.

Ok @ptpaterson !
sorry for the misunderstanding.
Now I’m talking to Matt Slagle by email.


That works, too! Cheers! :slight_smile:

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